Pre-Operative Preparation For Elective Surgery

We understand that you may be concerned about having surgery. We can assure you that you are in safe hands and that we will be doing our very best to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Please follow the following steps in order to prepare yourself for your procedure:

Pre-authorisation with your medical aid:

After your consultation with Dr Rogers, and before surgery, you will be provided with a form stating the type of procedure, the date of procedure, the procedural codes, ICD-10 codes, the specific hospital practice number and our practice number. This information is necessary to obtain an authorisation number from your medical aid. Please do this ASAP and provide us with this number.

Please take note of any limitations from your medical aid, especially prosthesis limits and unauthorized codes, should it be present. Medical aid payment shortfalls remain your responsibility, and it is better to be aware of these to avoid any surprises.

Surgical fees:

Our practice is not contracted with any medical aids. Please refer to our practice billing policy for more details. You will be provided with a quotation for your surgery prior to admission.

Many orthopaedic procedures make use of implants. The costs of these do not form part of your surgical fee but form part of your hospital bill. Most medical aids have a prosthesis limit out of which these funds are paid. Please make sure there are adequate funds available for your prosthesis, if applicable. This is especially important if you have had previous prosthetic procedures in the same year.

Anaesthetist fees:

This does not form part of our practice fees but are an integral part of the procedure. Your anaesthetic fees will be discussed separately with you.

Chronic medication:

Please bring all your chronic medication with you on the day of admission. Take your chronic medication on the morning of surgery with a small sip of water.

Please discuss any form of anticlotting medication with Dr Rogers prior to surgery.

Please contact our rooms if any information is unclear to you.